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The Story of a Tuscan Butterfly

Storia di una farfalla toscana


Story of life, people and butterflies

Storia di vita, gente e farfalle

English + Italian version, paper
Versione  Italiano + Inglese, cartacea

128 pages, € 15.00 per copy, shipping included
128 pagine,  € 15.00, spedizione compresa









128 pg, € 15.00 per copy, shipping included






A Taste of Tuscany

Good food does not mean the same thing for all and what is appreciated by some may not necessarily be considered as tasty by others. For Tuscans, the concept of good cooking is complicated like their origins, history and character. People enjoy spending time together and sharing the pleasures of the table. For them a careful choice of very fresh food is fundamental and they give much value to... 26 special Tuscany recipes, from crostini to limoncello, introduced through little, amusing stories about the cheerful, deep-rooted people. 36 pages, written by Anneliese Rabl


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English version, paper English version, digital
German version, digital
36 pages, € 12.00 per copy, shipping included 36 pages, € 7.00 per copy 36 pages, € 7.00 per copy



Athena's Gift

Autobiographical story of an olive harvest, an essential part of Tuscan life and a perfect way to describe these deep-rooted, tough and cheerful people. It includes information on olives, olive oil, olive oil tasting, olive oil in skin care, food, magic...


English version, paper


60 pg, € 12.00 per copy, shipping included