Strawberry jam with Acacia blossom

3 kg (6,6 lbs) strawberries/1 kg (2,2 lbs) sugar/4 handfuls acacia blossom/4 lemons, zested/1 lemon, juiced

Remove tops and greenery and cut strawberries into small pieces. Put into a large bowl, add the sugar and leave for a couple of hours. Meanwhile remove the stems, leaves and the outer flower cups from the acacia blossom. Transfer strawberries and sugar into a large saucepan and boil for about thirty minutes on a fairly high flame, stirring continuously. Skim the scum completely off, then add lemon juice, zest and acacia blossom. Cook on medium flame,

stirring regularly until the jam has reached the right consistency. (Drop a small spoonful of strawberry jam onto a plate. Leave to cool for two, three minutes, then slightly tilt the plate. The jam is ready, if it slowly glides down. If it’s too liquid, continue boiling and stirring until the right consistency is reached). Transfer into clean glass containers and seal immediately. When the strawberry jam has cooled down, sterilize in boiling water for about thirty minutes. Leave the jars submerged in the water until it is completely cold.

Delicious on bread, biscuits, ice cream…or just off the spoon.

Anneliese Rabl …. finding a life in Tuscany

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4 Responses to Strawberry jam with Acacia blossom

  1. Sara says:

    Che buona!
    E come sono belle le foto!

  2. admin says:

    Grazie per il complimento! E’ facile da preparare. Bisogna solo cercare di trovare dell’acacia lontana da fonti d’inquinamento..:)

  3. Charlotte says:

    J’aime vraiment votre article. J’ai essaye de trouver de nombreux en ligne et trouver le v?tre pour être la meilleure de toutes.

    Mon francais n’est pas tres bon, je suis de l’Allemagne.

    Mon blog:
    meilleur taux ou Rachat credit

  4. admin says:

    Freut mich, dass Ihnen meine Artikel gefallen. Es kommen naechstens neue hinzu.

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