Montecarlo Chocolate Festival

Montecarlo, principality of Monaco? No! Montecarlo in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany, Italy. The most beautiful region in the world for many foreigners, and definitely for the inhabitants. In fact, the place is charming: a mild climate, a lot of green in all its hues, soft hills, reassuring olive groves rich in tradition; and vineyards,

vineyards and more vineyards which produce Montecarlo’s gold: the wine. A piece of earth kissed by the gods! The people of Montecarlo have lived for a long time, peacefully enjoying excellent olive oil to dress their tasty dishes, handed down from mother to daughter and a glass of good local wine, much sought after by the palate. However Italians and especially Tuscans, are not only experts in good food but they also have an unbelievably sweet tooth. For them, ending a meal without a dessert is not conceivable. Could this be the reason which induced the fathers of the city to host an event all about chocolate? In mid-October, the medieval village of Montecarlo fills up with chocolate, or more precisely, with artisans who display their masterpieces made solely of chocolate: white, dark, milky, with the addition of almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio and whatever else serves to make their products irresistible. So, one can enter for a couple of hours into this incredibly sweet and scented world. A well studied plan is essential, because if you let yourself transported simply by your senses, you risk finishing up like the Count De Reynaud in the movie Chocolat. The best method is this: “first have a look at everything, then choose, taste and finally buy”. Besides the classic chocolate in bars, the delightful soft gianduia, the yoghurt pills, the colorful coconut balls and the small single portion cakes placed on little sparkling golden dishes. High heeled shoes made of two types of chocolate, mushrooms, small hearts, hedgehogs in miniature, cactus, necklaces… their creativity has no limits. The slices of orange and the cherries covered with chocolate are impossible to pass without stopping. The salami and

the original “rusty tools”, dusted with extra fine cocoa powder are a delight. Obviously there is also a generous assortment of liquors and spreadable creams. Each exhibitor has a tray loaded with small samples ready for the customers. The atmosphere is very pleasant and Montecarlo is in a chocolate induced good mood. At the end of the festival visitors leave happy and satisfied with bags filled with unique chocolate delicacies from the local area. Everybody has enjoyed a nice afternoon; well not exactly everybody, some citizen, in fact, seems not to have appreciated the interruption of his daily life…

Anneliese Rabl …. finding a life in Tuscany

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  1. Astonishing article . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks

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