Jennifer Tattanelli

It must have been around early April 2011 when I met Jennifer Tattanelli for the first time. We were in Florence for a photo shoot and, after a snack with delicious cheese, lovely smelling, unsalted bread and a small glass of red wine, all rigorously from the region, we walked towards the shop where she sells her

creations. “Casini Firenze by Jennifer Tattanelli” is situated in front of Pitti palace, an imposing building commanding deep respect, which  makes the small houses in front looking like a row of tiny ants lined up one next to the other.  The effect was that the store awning, which is beige, if I’m not wrong, and the entrance door seemed invisible compared with the majestic neighbor and revealed nothing of the world we were about to discover. The first thing I noticed (which impressed me) was the discreet elegance of the shop, the inviting, warm light and the flower arrangements, all simple yet refined; a sign of good taste and class. I was curious to see how this would reflect in the

clothes and the accessories. It was like returning to a time I thought lost: authentic creativity, sense of color, carefully selected materials chosen with deep experience; skilled craftsmanship  with a touch of youth, modernity and joy of living. It is ages since I have seen trendy shoes and bags masterly

interlaced and reversible jackets made of  leather light as a feather. Fashionable, very feminine dresses which were not fussy and were astonishingly comfortable at the same time. Among well experienced, friendly sales assistants and international customers, I noticed a young, blond woman dressed in blue and white wearing simple ballerina’s shoes and some understated yet beautiful jewelry with a tailor’s tape measure around her neck. When I heard her talking I realized that in front of me stood a self assured artist who loved her job  and who was in the middle of an extremely busy life.

It was a pleasure observing her advising and suggesting dresses, colors and accessories, always ready to take a measurement and make adjustments here and there, if a shoulder or the length of a sleeve did not satisfy her. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jennifer does not require women to transform their body to suit her creations; she prefers moulding her fashion around the woman’s body as it is. A breath of fresh air and an extraordinary experience at the same time: to feel beautiful and desirable without having to correspond at all costs to esthetic standards fixed by others. This philosophy, together with a noteworthy creativity, make Jennifer’s world definitely a place worth discovering.

Anneliese Rabl …. finding a life in Tuscany

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9 Responses to Jennifer Tattanelli

  1. lisa says:

    Sounds like heaven, I can only dream….

  2. admin says:

    It is heaven…

  3. Ale says:

    Qualità, originalità e buon gusto: mix raro e impagabile

  4. MIKI says:

    Complimenti!..leggendo l articolo mie venuto la voglia di andare a vedere questo negozio…

  5. Mary Pierucci says:

    I cannot wait to wear my beautiful leather and suede jacket here it San Diego,California

  6. admin says:

    So we should wish you cold and rain…:)?

  7. Sara says:

    wow che bel negozio.. e che belle foto..
    sono proprio quei vestiti di classe e qualità di una volta, altro che i negozietti di ora!
    Spero di andare presto a Firenze :)

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  9. Woh I love your posts , bookmarked ! My wife and i take issue along with your last point.

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