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The first time I read, and paid any attention to a love declaration written on a wall was on  a walk in Tuscany, near the marshlands. Under a bridge, in huge black letters a drooling heart had decided to share  his sweet pain with the universe… and the loved one:”ogni tua parola e’ una goccia di amore che voglio bere”. Which, when translated to English means, “each of your words is a drop of love I want to drink”.

From that day on, I had a closer look at the truthful messages left on the streets, walls, banisters and in  places where young people usually meet, or where the writer supposes his urgent message will be seen by the object of his secret admiration. It opened up a whole new world and placed me right in the middle of “I love you’s”, “Be mine’s”, “I want to kiss you’s”, “You are my angels” and more. I found myself in a dimension I had not been before. From my younger days I was used  to tender words too,  but written on  paper forwarded in an extremely confidential and private way. I must say that it was practical, the love letters could be simply kept in a book or a diary, always ready to be read again and again and again. But obviously, not quite so spectacular!

Lovers have always found a way to declare themselves and we know that the ancient Egyptians, Greek and Romans were fairly acquainted with nails, chisels or pieces of carbon, reliable implements to carve or “scratch” = graffire (that’s where the word graffito comes from) loving words on stone walls and streets. Some Roman gentlemen used to count the number of the ladies he had conquered by writing their names over the bed…

Things have changed, we are inhabitants of a global world of the twenty-first century and have other tools, like for instance photography, to express what we want to say. However, love is still love, and tender feelings are still tender feelings waiting to be put – at least in Italy – into words, in order to find a public  place where everybody can see and read them. For all those who want to share with others what is hidden in their heart and have got neither a camera or a chisel at hand, this app is absolutely perfect. It is partly the result of revisiting a tradition, old like the world, and partly a contemporary  way for sharing love, passion, longing, need…  perhaps every now and then a little hate, too.  Are you ready to dive into this emotional whirlwind?

Anneliese Rabl

Anneliese Rabl …. finding a life in Tuscany

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