A perfect day

Early autumn makes you understand why Tuscany is blessed by God. The sight is clear, the 26° C day time temperature is very, very agreeable and 16° C at night are acceptable, too. One can still enjoy sun bathes and sleep without quilts. It’s the perfect mixture to smooth nerves stressed by weeks of unbearable heat. Italy, after all, is that one place you don’t want to miss in your life.

This time of the year is also the best moment to go to the sea. No noisy beaches burst by the blaring of radios. No publicity slogans shouted from loudspeakers on small boats crossing in front of the shore. No coastline  overcrowded by sun burned bodies generously anointed with sun oil. No umbrellas and deckchairs, sexy costumes, colorful hats and trendy sunglasses.

It is a completely different world where everything and everybody seems to have calmed down. People come just for the sake of enjoying the mild, sunny afternoons. The temperature is still warm enough to let you relax in the clear, clean water rich in oxygen: it’s like swimming in champagne! The aggressive sunbeams have turned into gentle caresses preparing our bodies (and souls) for the winter season. All stress is banished: one can show a well nourished belly, a couple of kilos overweight,  stretch marks or orange peel skin  without feeling guilty.

It is the most intimate and reassuring season of the year. Some just lay in the sand, without a towel, to feel one with nature and to catch even the last tiny little warmth coming from the sand. Couples walk hand in hand, the teenager’s courting is delicate and innocent. Joggers run for pure pleasure, beach volley crews play just for fun. Paradise must be like this!

The weather forecast is positive: we can probably enjoy this big gift from nature for the whole month. I’m definitely ready to go! Do you want a lift?

Anneliese Rabl …. finding a life in Tuscany

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6 Responses to A perfect day

  1. Dea says:

    Dear Anneliese,
    What a lovely post, I live in western Sicily, province of Trapani right now, and while I am going through a bit of a tough time. I still am enjoying the beautiful gift that is autumn here as well. This year I went a bit less often but I go swimming mostly in September and October, when all the hollabaloo is over. Plus I prefer rocky coves to beaches. But yes…the sun is gentler, and I adore autumn with all it’s gifts. Right now the persimmons are showing up, soon we’ll have prickly pears. These things, my long swims, my taking in the sun on a flat rock. The genuine and organic fruit that taste amazing, these are the memories that will forever stay in my heart. Glad to have found your blog, you take beautiful photos and have an elegant and simple style of writing which is right up my alley. Cheers! :) Dea.

  2. All stress is banished, how wonderful! I love the photos of the children playing, so joyful and carefree. Autumn in Tuscany is similar to Winter in Queensland “Beautiful one day, Perfect the next ”
    ciao lisa

  3. admin says:

    I must definitely come and see the winter in Queensland. Thank you for your friendly words. Anneliese

  4. admin says:

    Thank you for your friendly words! Sicily must be stunning, too, in autumn. Anneliese

  5. Donna says:

    Lovely post and I couldn’t agree more: September and October days at the beach here in la Maremma are so much more relaxed and carefree. With nearly a whole beach to ourselves, waters warmed by the summer sun and bays protected from the onshore afternoon winds, they are impromptu days that wonderful memories are mad of. Wish I could post a photo here of last weekend when trousers and knickers served as costumes as we hadn’t thought of taking a dip but it was just tooo much of a temptation not to. Happy days.
    PS So glad to have found your blog.

  6. admin says:

    I would love to visit Maremma! It is a stunning place, too. Glad you like my blog. Shall post some more articles soon. Anneliese

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